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Level editor

Level editor enables anyone to modify the existing levels, and add new ones. Levels are grouped in levelsets, each having 20 levels. It is possible to have less than 20 levels in levelset, but not more.

There are two types of levelsets, which are used depending of the type of game. All levelsets are files placed in levels subdirectory of Njam instalation. If you wish to remove a levelset from the game, just delete its file. The files' extensions indicate levelset type:
.coop is used in cooperative games (both single and two-player games)
.duel is used in duel games (both local and networked).
Actually all filenames are uppercase (so be careful if your using case-sensitive OS like Linux).

During the network play only the hosting player needs to have levels installed (the player that joins the game gets all level data).

When level editor is started it creates one empty levelset. You can toggle the type (cooperative or duel) by pressing key K (stands for Kind of level). If you wish to modify some of already existing levelsets, select the load option (key L). If you have loaded some levelset and want to start a new one, just exit the level editor (ESC) and enter it again from the main menu.


When you're done editing, don't forget to mark all the levels you want to play playable. Then, just save the levelset and go back to main menu and start the game. The game detects when there is more than one levelset of that kind, and gives you the option to select the one you want to play.

All levelsets are plain files, you can copy/delete/rename freely. It's always a good idea to work on copies of files when modifying. Just enter the editor, load the leavelset and choose Save As option. In case you mess with original levels that come with the game and make something terribly wrong, you have backup copies in data subdirectory of your Njam instalation. The files are named original.coop and original.duel (both uppercase). Just copy these to levels subdirectory.

When you make some nice levels be sure to send those to me at: mbabuskov@yahoo.com so I can include them in the game.

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